Metro AYF
Metro American Youth Football League (Metro AYF)
The Westlake Bulldogs is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the Metro AYF Youth Football League (Metro AYF). The Metro AYF is a select football league comprised of the best talent in the Metropolitan area, to include Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Baltimore, Charles County, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. If you are looking for a HIGHLY competitive atmosphere with games played at some of the most prestigious fields in the area, then Metro AYF is for you! Some of the advantages of the Metro AYF are:
  • No boundary restrictions
  • Games are played by High School Federation rules with a true game clock
  • Game play against the top talent in the Metropolitan area
  • Exposure to the top High Schools in the area
The Metro AYF offers a high level of competition, against the best talent in the Metropolitan area. There are 4 home games played here in Charles County and 4 away games played throughout the beltway. Post season play is held at some of the most prestigious football stadiums in Maryland. The Westlake Bulldogs/Metro AYF is open to all Charles, Southern PG, Calvert, and St. Mary’s county residents. There are NO boundary restrictions within Charles, Calvert, or St. Mary’s counties.

The Westlake Bulldogs/Metro AYF is geared for children ages 5 through 14, from the novice to the most experienced players that want to play youth tackle football in a competitive environment. The season runs from August through December. There is a post season playoff bracketed, game followed by a Regional and National tournament. The "final destination” is the National Championship game held in Florida!

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you throughout your registration process.

Select the link below to view the current Age/Weight Matrix and weigh-in rules for the Metro AYF League.
NOTE: Super Tiny Mite Division: 5 - 6 year olds (Calendar year)




The Metropolitan American Youth Football and Cheer League is a partner
with the American Youth Football League.



House of Champions
Westlake Bulldogs 6 year run:

32 - League Championships
6 - MD State Championships
4 - National Championships
2 - GYFL Championships
1 - Metro AYF Championship
7 - CCYFL Superbowl Championships
3 - CCIYSL Superbowl Championships
5 - Mid Atlantic Metrobowl Championships
4 - Bi-County Championships

Total of 58 Championship Trophies in the past 6 years.
2009 CBL Champions
Cubs (State Semi-finalist)
Ponys (State Finalist)
Midgets (State Champions)
Juniors (State Finalist)
Intermediate (AYF National Champions)

2009 CCYFL Champions
Anklebiters Cheerleaders

2010 CBL Champions
Cubs (State Champions)
Anklebiters (State Champions)
Juniors (State Finalist)
Intermediate (State Finalist)
Ponys (State Semi-finalists)

2010 CCYFL Champions
Unlimited Cheerleaders

2010 Div. I MD Youth State Rankings
6-8 (Cubs) First
7-9 (Ankle Biter) First
8-10 (Pony) Third
10-12 (Junior) Second
11-13 (Intermediate) Second
2011 CBL Champions
6-8 Cubs
7-9 Anklebiters
9-11 Midgets
2011 CCYFL Champions
5-7 Anklebiters

2011 MD State Champions
6-8 Cubs
7-9 Anklebiters
9-11 Midget
2012 CCYFL Champions
5-7 Anklebiters

2012 GMYFL Champions

2012 Mid-Atlantic Metro Bowl Champions

2012 MD State Champions

2012 AAU National Champions

2012 FBU National Champions
7th Grade
2013 CCYFL Champions
7-9 Sr.

2013 GMYFL Champions

2013 Mid-Atlantic Metro Bowl Champions

2013 GYFL Champions
8th Grade
2014 CCIYSL Champions
2014 Metro AYF Champion
2014 GYFL Champions
7th Grade